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Central Project Sport - Hanuman Onlus

Central Project Sport - Hanuman Onlus

Central Project sport have reached Nepal, thanks to the non-profit association Hanuman Onlus, it has generously given jackets and fleece to the children in the orphanage ...

... Hanuman Onlus is an association open to all people who care about a horizon of hope for disadvantaged or in difficult children, where war and famine or social discrimination, are the sad daily reality.

Hanuman Onlus is a non-profit private association ONLUS (Organizzazione Non Lucrativa di Utilità Sociale) founded in Milan, July 26, 2001 and registered on the list of non-profit organization at the Italian Ministry of Finance, Regional Tax Office, August 17, 2001.

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Central Project Sport

Central Project plans, produces and distributes sportswear, with special attention to skiing.

In our company the various phases of the productive trial are realized from the stylistic study to the search and management of the first hand materials.

Working in close collaboration with our clients we succeed in realizing exclusive products that satisfy every particular need.

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